Cellos in Rossini’s day, reflections by Hilary Metzger

Last summer, Hilary Metzger played continuo and led the cello section in Teatro Nuovo’s production of Tancredi, under the direction of Will Crutchfield (at the keyboard) and Jakob Lehman (as concertmaster).  She’ll be back for this summer’s upcoming… Read More

Brownlee shines in Washington Concert Opera’s Zelmira

We thank Charles Jernigan for this comprehensive review!   Zelmira is one of the least known of Rossini’s 39 operas.  It had its premiere on 16 February, 1822, at the San Carlo Opera House in Naples, the last… Read More

Will Crutchfield reviews “A Life with Rossini”

The translation of Alberto Zedda’s book “Divagazioni Rossiniane” gets a worthy review.

Two Pesaro natives come to Boston

The one you surely know, but the other perhaps not! For more information follow this link! Then await excerpts of our interview with her which will be posted here in the near future!

Some thoughts from Daniela Barcellona about Petite Messe Solennelle

Daniela Barcellona returned to ROF to participate in the finale of this year’s Festival

Adina in English!

We are thrilled to bring contributions from two members of the American Rossini Society. Charles Jernigan has translated the libretto for Adina into English ( download the .pdf file here and Celia Montgomery has provided an illustration (… Read More

Not another Barbiere!

Barbiere reappears at ROF2018

Lisette Oropesa spoke with Rossini America prior to her ROF debut

The superstar soprano talks about what it’s like to sing Rossini, the differences between Bellini, Donizetti, and Rossini – and more!

Springtime in Washington DC

Rossini comes to Washington DC with an answer to the doctor vacancy, thoughts about a Constitutional Amendment, and of course, the topic of MONEY. These are all current issues in the capital city of the United States and… Read More

The Intimate Rossini

The intimate Rossini, The canard that Rossini quit composing after he wrote William Tell should be put to rest, yet again. Indeed, he no longer wrote for the stage, but the output of his “golden age” contains treasures… Read More