Philip Gossett memorial

A fitting and heart-felt tribute was held in February in the memory of Philip Gossett

Teatro Nuovo: A promising new home for Bel Canto in America

Interview with Teatro Nuovo’s Will Crutchfield who returns the Rossini masterpiece “La Gazza Ladra” in July 2019

Zedda memorial concert review

Honoring Zedda in the best way possible.

Sam Ramey and Assur

Assur remembers!

Teatro Nuovo brings rare Rossini to Purchase, NY

The new bel canto festival at Purchase College, New York, will run from July 28th through August 5. Tickets are already on sale. Yes, you can go to Wildbad, Purchase, AND Pesaro! Read more here.

Memories from the 1990 Met Semiramide cast: Chris Merritt

Q. Your appearance as Idreno at the Met was not the first time you had sung this role, from what we understand. Apparently you did it in Hamburg in 1985. Was that a concert version, or was it… Read More

Cuts – “A reprehensible decision”

It always amazes lovers of Rossini‚Äôs operas that his works are often deemed too long. There are operas by Mozart and Wagner that are equally long. Often people are under the mistaken impression that due to the structure… Read More

Semiramide: an editorial discovery!

The discovery of the stage band score for Semiramide happened here. Read the first hand account by one of the people who made it.

Book Review : The Singing Turk

We are fortunate that a member of the American Rossini Society who recently reviewed this book by Larry Wolff agreed to share his review with us. It is a lengthy review but well worth reading. You may also… Read More

What are they saying about Semiramide?

Semiramide is returning to the Metropolitan Opera. Read Chris Merritt’s memories of the historic 1990 performances in the News section.