Semiramide: an editorial discovery!

In case anyone thought that the lives of score editors were dull, this great story about the discovery of the “stage band score” for Semiramide should put that thought to rest. Many thanks to Patricia Brauner for sharing this memory and for providing the link to the beautiful photograph where it all took place.

Photo:Valeria Sant’Angeli.

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Book Review : The Singing Turk

We are fortunate that a member of the American Rossini Society who recently reviewed this book by Larry Wolff agreed to share his review with us. It is a lengthy review but well worth reading. You may also read our interview with Professor Wolff in the interview section of the pull-down menu Forum Rossiniano.

The Singing Turk
by Larry Wolff
Stanford University Press, 2016
490 pages

Review by Charles Jernigan

Relations between European society (and the Western world in general) and the Ottoman East (and the Islamic world in general) has been a matter of great interest and often conflict since the era of the crusades, and of course it is a matter which has assumed great importance in our own time. Professor Wolff’s fascinating study takes Read More

What are they saying about Semiramide?

“In a revival long overdue, Gioachino Rossini’s Semiramide, his Babylonian tale of love, murder, and incest, will return to the Metropolitan Opera….” So wrote Philip Gossett in the New York Times in 1990. Although that revival came after almost 100 years, it does seem like quite a while has passed since the current Semiramide last appeared at the Met.

Those 1990 performances were phenomenal mostly because, as Gossett put it “ In the cast are four of the world’s greatest Rossini singers: Lella Cuberil, Marilyn Horne, Chris Merritt and Samuel Ramey. “
Indeed, these artists became so associeted with those roles that it is hard to imagine anyone else assuming them at the Met. Read More

The Friends of the Rossini Opera Festival celebrates its 10th birthday

And what better way than with appearances of Daniela Barcelona and Juan Diego Florez, two members of the Honorary Board at ROF 2018

Barcelona will be appearing in a performance of Petite Messe Solennelle which closes the Festival, and Florez in three performances of Ricciardo e Zoraide. It is not too late to join the Friends for the 2018 season and obtain the opportunity to order tickets before the general public.

Semiramide returns to the Metropolitan Opera

From February 19th to March 17th, the iconic John Copley production production first seen in 1990 will return to the Metropolitain Opera. On March 10th it will be seen in cinemas throughout the US. For foreign screenings check your local theater.

Tributes to Philip Gossett

The passing of Professor Philip Gossett, earlier this year, brought tributes and acclamation in the numerous obituaries that were published shortly after his death. The loss of Gossett is particularly profound for the American Rossini Society which he supported from the start and served as honorary president.

We invited some of the many scholars, artists, and students who worked with Professor Gossett over the years to share some of their memories. We have assembled them below, and will be adding more over time as contributions are submitted. Read More

Be sure to get to the Barber in October!

Seattle Opera will bring “The Barber of Seville” on Oct 14,15,18,20,31,22,25 & 28. Check out for details.

Hurry, there are no Barbers during the month of November ANYWHERE in the US!
So, now is the time to pay a visit!

William Tell is coming to New Mexico for the first time ever!

In anticipation of the event, we invited the artists responsible for this, Anthony Barrese to share some thoughts about this masterpiece. Information about the performances (Oct 22, 25, 27, 29 in Albuquerque) can be found on the Opera Southwest website.

Hope you enjoy the Q and A with Maestro Barrese!

Q. To repeat the anecdote of Rossini being met in the street with the news that the Paris Opera would be giving Act Two of Guillaum Tell, May we ask of your performances, as Rossini did, “What the whole of it?” Or to put it another way, what cuts (assuming there are some), are you making and what influenced your to make the specific cuts you have?
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Tributes to Alberto Zedda

The passing of Alberto Zedda earlier this year was an incredible loss to the international Rossini community. Many are still in denial and the loss won’t seem real until this year’s edition of the Rossini Opera Festival his presence will greatly be missed. Those who did not have the chance to know or work with Maestro Zedda may get an idea of the magnitude of the loss from the following tributes and recollections which we have gathered here.

Everyone who was approached about making contributions kindly agreed; No doubt there are many more who would have contributed had we been able to contact them. Our apologies to those who are not included. Some contributions are in Italian and in some cases difficult to translate. We include the Italian text with a few highlights translated to English. Read More

A chance to hear a discussion with Larry Wolff at ROF2017

Among the “Incontri” offered this year is a “conversation” with Larry Wolff, featured in our recent interview.

It will be held on the 21st of August at 11 AM in the Sala Della Repubblica of the Teatro Rossini. This is a unique opportunity to hear Professor Wolff discuss issues in his book “The Singing Turk”. Admission is free.